GIS Services

GIS has become an essential technology for any planning or decision making that involves spatial data. Our goal is to provide you with a cost-effective, reliable alternative to implementing or expanding your own GIS. We have the software and expertise to solve a wide-variety of basic GIS problems. Our services apply to any GIS application that requires data creation and conversion, modeling and/or analysis.

Data Creation/Digitizing


The conversion of paper maps into digital GIS data is an essential component of building a spatial database or mapping library. Vast quantities of potentially useful data are stored in hard-copy maps. These sources cannot be incorporated into any GIS analyses unless they are rendered digitally as well as spatially. This conversion process involves a series of basic steps:

1. Conversion of hard-copy source information into a digital raster format (often JPEG or TIFF image) through scanning

2. Vectorization of raster image by manual (heads-up) or automated digitizing

3. Cleaning of data (removal of unwanted lines, closing polygons, adding labels, etc.)

4. Adding spatial coordinate information (georeferencing) to dataset to allow for spatial overlays with existing data

Data Customization

Data customization is the creation or conversion of digital data into a more desirable format. Need mapping data for an Adobe Illustrator project or perhaps you need to link Census data to a particular digital geography but you don't have the time and resources to complete the job in-house, let us do it for you.

Modeling and Analysis

We can provide the tools that allow for the visualization of relationships, patterns, or trends that are not possible to see with traditional charts, graphs, and spreadsheets. For exmaple, we can plot locations of customers in order to determine your clientele's demographic character, allowing you to focus your advertising on appropriate markets and population segments.

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