About MapGraphica

MapGraphica was recently renamed from LimnoGraphica to offer our customers a wider range of custom mapping solutions. LimnoGraphica was founded in 1999 with a purpose of creating highly detailed fishing maps. We also provided Lake Communities with customized maps of their lake. Since then we have expanded our original business model and now have the ability to offer custom mapping solutions for any project. We have retained LimnoGraphica as our main division of producing and selling our ready to buy maps available to individual consumers or shops.

The founder of MapGraphica holds a Master's Degree in Cartography from the University of Minnesota. He has participated in a multitude of projects where he has provided custom mapping services to assist with business solutions, publications, wall-sized posters and websites. He started his career at the age of twelve when he and his father mapped their first lake. Over the years his interest in cartography expanded as he began to correspond with other professionals in obtaining maps, surveys, and bathymetric data. His collection of maps at this time expanded from several to thousands. His passion for more information grew as he began to learn other languages in order to clearly communicate his requests to those abroad. Having studied at Tver State University in Russia, he gained command of the Russian language. In addition, he has mastered enough vocabulary and grammar to write and receive the information that he has been seeking in French, Spanish, Polish, Danish, German and Finnish.

His passion and cartographic expertise are well represented in all his works. It is that enthusiasm which separates him from other cartographers; making beautiful maps is not just a job, but a passion. All of the products produced by MapGraphica undergo his finalized review and are not released to the client until they beam with perfection.

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